Lea Formula 3 Ripened 18 months vs. 3 months

Just a quick test to show that Lea Formula 3 that was made 18 months ago performs the same as Lea Formula 3 made three months ago.  The 18 month old collodion was not stored in a cool dark place, but left on a shelf in my garage.  So I consider it to be real world aged.

As usual, the plates were run using the same silver bath, developer, fixer, and exposure.  They are quite close.  In person I really can’t tell the difference between the two plates.

UVP4 Lea3-5







Lea Formula 3 is perfect for people who don’t shoot a lot, or want a consistent collodion that doesn’t go bad.   I’ll continue to test this collodion to see how long it continues to produce good plates.  More than two years?  I think it’s very possible




This is what 18 month old Lea Formula 3 looks like!